Nik’s Art Portraits | Fort Collins Portrait Photographer

Nik was due for some portraits, and he is far from the type of person to say “cheese” for a photo. So he called us and we brainstormed some fun ideas, and he decided to drive up to Fort Collins to hang with his long time friend, and portrait photographer – Christopher. Nik has the emotional range of an actor, and we experimented with his range all day. We worked on a three hour session and created a ton of great images. This is just a small selection of the near 300 pictures taken that day.


Jackie and Dan | Cheesman Park Engagement Photos

Jackie and Dan were gifted a surprise engagement session with us. We spent the whole evening capturing Cheesman Park Engagement Photos. The pillars were so much fun, and the views of Denver from the fields were inspiring. Thanks for such a great evening!

-Christopher & Lindsey

Wendy and Ryan | Denver City Park Wedding Photography

Wendy and Ryan had a beautiful wedding throughout Denver. Their church’s stained glass windows were amazing, and the reception at Denver City Park gave us many stunning shots. Such a fun day, such a warm, inviting family. Thank you, and congratulations Wendy and Ryan!

-Christopher & Lindsey

Andy and Jennifer | Fort Collins Engagement Photography

Jennifer and Andy were passing through Colorado on a vacation and decided to book Lindsey and I for engagement photos. We showed them all around town, took them out for a sampling of our best beers, and took pictures the whole way.

-Christopher & Lindsey

Richard’s Birthday Party | Denver Party Photography

Keith contacted Lindsey and I to take photos at their grandfather’s 80th brithday. It was a surprise birthday party, and over one hundred people showed up for Richard. The whole night was filled with warmth, love, and signs of a happy, strong family. From the authentic homemade green chili and tortillas, to the traditional family dances, the night was an amazing celebration. Happy Birthday Richard!

-Christopher & Lindsey

Taylor at Sylvan Dale Ranch | Estes Park Senior Portraits

Taylor contacted Lindsey and I, and wanted to shoot her senior portraits while on a family vacation here in Colorado. Her and the family stayed at the beautiful Sylvan Dale Ranch, and we found so many beautiful spots for photos: near the river, by the cabin, and in the amazing flower gardens. What a wonderful day. Congratulations Taylor on your senior Year! -Christopher & Lindsey

Samantha and Mark| Fort Collins Engagement Photography

Samantha and Mark were such a blast to have up to Fort Collins. We took a walk in the park with their puppy, and later hiked all the way up to Horsetooth Reservoir. Such views! Thanks Sam and Mike for a great day! -Christopher & Lindsey

Inside CSU’s Doomsday Vault | Colorado Editorial Photography

Seeds are the currency in this impenetrable vault, and Noah’s ark is the mission. Billions of seeds are stored in nitrogen cooled cryogenic chambers, serving as an archive of the world’s genetic variability within plant DNA. During a massive disease or plant extinction, this laboratory will repopulate the world with the important members of the plant kingdom including: corn, tomatoes, and even African prairie grasses. Pictured: Christopher Richards Ph.D.

Bieri | Fort Collins Family Photos

Justin and Michelle have been long time friends of ours. We attended their wedding years ago, and now, with little Nathan in this world, we got to photograph the whole family! Nathan was a joy to photograph, smiles aplenty. We had story time, played up-and-down, and even had a few moments to get photos of mom and dad :)
Cheers to old friends, and a new family!

Angie and Orion| Silverthorn Engagement Photos

Angie and Orion invited us all the way up to Silverthorn Colorado, a beautiful ski town in the Rocky Mountains for engagement photos.
The whole day was filled with amazing views, and the sight from Angie and Orion’s patio was amazing! Later, Lindsey and I followed them on a nice hike into the country.
It was an amazing day spent with such a lovely couple.
~Christopher and Lindsey